For Developers

For Developers #

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The project is ambitious, and I cannot move it that fast as I want to. If you are as interested in robotics as I am, let’s try to work together. I’m confident that we will develop something unique.

The project covers many different areas and programming languages, including:

  • 3D modeling (for simulation)
  • 3D printing (for the robot itself)
  • C / C ++ development (embedded: Arduino, ESP32, STM32; hi-level: Linux, Robot Operating System - ROS)
  • Computer vision (image recognition, especially for indoor navigation)
  • Hardware design (robot modules)
  • Python development (Robot Operating System - ROS)

Please look at the list of repositories and active projects below, see the issues, and take something if you want. If you want to participate but do not know where to start, create an issue in this repository, and we will figure this out.

Any volunteer participation will be appreciated!